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August 17, 2008
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Aug 16, 2008, 7:01:09 PM
Homemade Paper by DarkAlaria69 Homemade Paper by DarkAlaria69
If I get enough interest I'm thinking about selling some homemade paper. It would be totally up to you what's in it/ what color it is/what size it is.

All paper will be made from recycled paper.

For this piece of paper, (my first try!) it has a pink tint to it due to adding red construction paper. I made the paper with coffee but it doesn't really smell like coffee at all if that's a concern. I used different flower petals and different plants to add as accents (this paper is a bit thin but if you want it this thin, with the plants showing etc I can do that).

To show you waht can be used on the paper I tried a few different things there is a list on the file but here it is again in case you can't read it. (sorry for any typos)

1- Undiluted Oil Paint- No bleed through
2- Oil Paint Diluted with Turpentine- Slight bleed through
3- Acrylic Paint - No bleed through
4- Water Color Pencil with Water - Pulls up paper slightly, No bleed through
5- Watercolor diluted with Water - Pulls up paper slightly, Slight bleed through
6- Undiluted Watercolor- No bleed through
7- Chalk Pastel Pencil - Pulls up paper slightly, No bleed through
8- Chalk Pastel - No bleed through, hard to blend without pulling up paper
9- Picture from a Magazine Glued with Rubber Cement - Holds on tigh
10- Thick Black Sharpie - Slight bleed through if pressing too hard
11- Black pen - Doesn’t cover well
12- Black pen 2 - .Good coverage, No pulling of paper or bleed through
13- Fine Point Sharpie - Pulls up paper, No bleed through
14- Colored Pencil - Slightly pulls up paper
15- Gel Pen - Covers well, No pulling of paper. My favorite kind of pen to use
16- Paint pen - Slight pull up of paper, Slight bleed through
17- Crayon- No pulling of paper

if you're interested in buying any or have any questions regarding purchasing the paper please let me know ^_^

[link] -- > close ups of the paper
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Kyraryk Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2008
You make paper. Seriously, you MAKE paper!? That's awesome. And it looks great. Where did you get the idea to make paper? lol. And how did you figure out HOW to make it?
This is just totally mind blowing to me >_>
DarkAlaria69 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2008
yes i do! my mom made some a few years ago and I've beentrying to think of interesting and different things to do for my portfolio for college and i thought it would be fun!
I'm looking for some interest to sell it, interested? ^_^ lol
Kyraryk Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Well... the only thing I could think to use it for is wedding invitations and it's too late for those. So, don't really know what I would do it.
Besides, shipping it to Europe would probably cost more than the paper itself xD
DarkAlaria69 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
shipping is about 10-15 bucks to europe i think.
and that's sad, if you think of anything else i might be able to make a deal with you ^_^
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