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February 9, 2007
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Color to Black and White by DarkAlaria69 Color to Black and White by DarkAlaria69
okay this is my first time making a tutorial. So hopefully I did an okay job at explaning things. Please ask me if you have any questions.

Just a simple tutorial showing how I change my photos into black and white. Not too many steps, I don't think so anyways. I used Photoshop CS2 to make this and used the settings in there. I'm sure it will work with others but I don't know where the settings I used in there are. If you know please tell me so I can post them for others :)


good luck!

thanks to =DeadMeatGF for giving me most of the adjustments for GIMP.
if you know the rest and want to fill in any blanks please let me know!
Note: Most of the Layer commands are also available on the Tools menu.
3. Layer > Colours > Levels...
3. Can't find AutoContrast
3. Layer > Colours > Auto > Colour Enhance
4. Layer > Colours > Desaturate
5. Filters > Colours > Channel Mixer...
6. Layer > Colours > Brightness-Contrast...
7. Layer > Colours > Colour Balance... (?)
7. Not sure about Photo Filter, as I don't know what it looks like in Photoshop
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freedomheart Aug 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes! :w00t: It helped so very much on [link] :D
This is great! I edit the pics mostly my way, but never found a way to a good b%w edit! So thanks for making the tutorial :) It helped :)
I'm glad it helped you out! It's actually a bit outdated and I edit a different way now, I should really make a new tutorial but this way is still good :)
Any kind of new adjustments would be awesome! :)
there will be one at some point, I'm currently in the middle of a move now so not much time :) but eventually
ah, perfect...I have CS2 and this makes it extraordinarily easy...I'll link you to some soon. :D
Cool! I've always been disappointed at how my images look when I just convert them to B&W. I'm going to have to start messing around with them again now. Thanks.
:) good luck!
i'm hopefully going to make a new one soon so look out for that
BAMillustration May 5, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thanks for this! It came in handy for this image: [link]
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